Design Principal

Design Principal

Design Principal


KIP Architectures Inc., based primarily in Los Angeles, is a group of distinguished design professionals from the fields of Architecture, planning, interior design, and landscape architecture.


Each professional has worked with internationally significant and award-winning architectural firms. The combined expertise of KIP’s Professionals enables our teams to foster creativity and uniqueness in each project they design, utilizing both site-specific and Internationally relevant references, to create the beautiful and enduring place around the world.


Kip Architects is dedicated to serving its clients with high-quality planning design, and detailing.  We build our teams specifically for each project in order to fulfill the unique functional, aesthetic, and social goals that project demands, while also ensuring that the project responds harmoniously to its environmental


Renowned for its Goebel sophistication and sensibility, KIP commits itself to an unremitting pursuit for perfection, which can be seen in the many projects featured in our portfolio.


The philosophy of KIP Architects is witnessed in its everlasting effort to create always the newest architectural design integrating all the aspects of function and form.


 The priority in the KIP practice is to provide the highest quality of architecture that is delicately blended into the local environment while keeping exceptional features.


 while managing and coordinating among different professional design teams,  Principal of KIP Architects always participate in every detail of the design work themselves to ensure presenting the best works.


 To maintain a close contact with the client is always key focus of the KIP team to fully understand and convey design intensions.

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