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Jie Kinoshita (born in Beijing) is an excellent artist and designer who’s artistic talents span across multiple disciplines.

She was educated in China and the United States. She is extremely talented coming from a wide background with training in a variety of fields as architecture, interior design, and art. She has a unique combination of both the Eastern and Western art of design ideology. During her 29 years stay in the United States, she has been with various internationally recognized architectural and interior design firms located in southern California. She has rich experience in multiple projects including commercial, hotel, residential, theater, retail, entertainment and education facilities.


She jointed KIP Architects as Principal Architectural Designer. KIP Architects opened their (2003) architectural office in Beijing and she became a principal designer and was in charge of the Beijing Office.

As a master of computer advanced 4-D graphic art, Jie has advanced her latest art style and combined 4-D graphic art with her unique background which shows her distinctive depth of space and composition.


Jie is always seeking to push the boundaries of her expressions of freedom in art and designs . She is sharing her new vision of freedom of expression, and her joy of creation in this latest totally new virtual reality art work. She’s also skilled as a Visual Artist and a Visual Effects Designer. She is an independent art film producer as well.

History & Education

1982 Graduated from the school of Interior Design at China’s best university, the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University in Beijing.

1985 First Prize in the Interior Design competition of The " Cultural Palace of Nationalities" Building.

1989 Accepted into the Interior Design studies at the Academy of Arts and Design in Savannah, Georgia USA.

2002-2003 Worked with many architectural offices in southern California as an Architectural Designer, Computer Specialist, and master Computer Graphic Specialist. Created abstract drawings and paintings.

2002 Joined KIP Architects as Principal Architectural Designer and Partner.

2003 KIP Architects’ Principal Designer in charge of the Beijing Office. During this time, She opened her own art studio in Beijing.

2008 "China National Arts Museum" invited her for an exhibition of her abstract ink paintings.

2013-Present: Developed 4-D graphic art and computer graphic art also combined with architectural design and art video film making with a unique depth of space and composition.

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